We do the mundane for you.

How a lot of your time and effort is spent on ordinary tasks? The key to an ideal work-life balance is knowing a way to manage one’s time and beware of priority of works.

Would that be simply time or even energy is optimized. When the energy levels are exhausted, whatever time we spend on something will not produce perfect output.

We come into picture here to save your energy and time, however work done would be almost the same as you do.

We provide virtual assistant services to take care of your everyday personal and business tasks.

You can focus on important things to be done by you. You will have the time, energy and concentration to accomplish it.

Getting help is not for few anymore. With Simply get help, you can get things done on the click of your mouse. You can outsource your person and business tasks without paying first. You can go ahead and pay once you see the sample output. Your dedicated assistant will always be there to help you.

Virtual Assistance


Its not just limited to few tasks. Any task which can be done using a computer and telephone, would be done with in given time.

Virtual Receptionist


Your virtual receptionist will do the job functions of actual receptionist or a manager at your office. She/he can attend incoming calls, do outgoing calls, check emails, send e-mails, transfer important calls to you etc.

Full time Employee - Virtual


Your FTE works the same as an employee you hire at your office. He/she would be sitting at our office instead. This would save a lot of Pay and perks.


Premium Services

SGH have a team of web developers and graphic designers to look take your business online. Right from scratch to a well developed website, we do everything needed to make it professional.

Content writing and SEO

Social Media

Lead Generation